"Ladies Who Lunch," now launched into the world
"Ladies Who Lunch," now launched into the world
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Josef Woodard, seasoned music-arts journalist-critic (and songwriter), put in ample time working in Los Angeles during the 1990s, on review and feature duty for the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, DownBeat and many other publications. One byproduct of that regular LA beat/duty was the lion’s share of his first novel, Ladies Who Lunch, drawn loosely from the exploits, social swim and show biz circles of his sister, Katrina Leffler (married to the late Ed Leffler, manager of Van Halen), whose houses became a handy crash pad for roving reporter Woodard.

Cut to 2021, and Ladies Who Lunch, described as a “gonzo satirical romance,” a “snarky, breezy summer read, with teeth” and other descriptors, is finally out and about, in ebook, book book and audiobook form.

Call it a period piece, and saga gone a bit wild. Bon appetit.